About LEDdynamics

LEDdynamics is a custom engineering company specializing in the design and integration of LED technology for end-user and OEM applications. We are also the driving force behind LUXdrive with a team composed of engineers, technicians,  sales professionals,  and a great manufacturing staff.

Mission Statement


… providing technology, services and education that enables and accelerates the adoption of LEDs as a medium of illumination.

Conceptualize – LEDdynamics is your premier LED Solutions provider, offering creative engineering and technical experience to assist in developing your ideas into high quality, reliable LED products.

Integrate – LEDdynamics makes working LEDs simple and cost-effective. From efficient LED drivers and LED light modules, to complete LED lighting control systems, LEDdynamics provides OEMs with reliable LED integration solutions.

Align – Staying on the cutting edge of technology, LEDdynamics maintains close relationships with the world’s leading LED and component manufacturers helping you stay a step ahead of your competition.

Get It Done – From prototype to production, our global network of authorized dealers and representatives are there to help you select the right LED for your application, ensuring you get to market faster.

Revolutionize – In March of 2003 the EverLED was born. It was the world’s first and still the only true universal LED bulb replacement solution for flashlights.


EverLED flashlight replacement bulb

From our beginning in 2000, our focus has been on the knowledge, talent and passion necessary to take LED lighting from promise to brilliant reality. In 2004 we opened our new offices and manufacturing facilities in Randolph, Vermont. After several years developing custom solutions for a number of industries and manufacturing the world’s smallest, most efficient drivers and modules, in 2006 we introduced the revolutionary EverLED-TR™.  In 2012 we upgraded and expanded our facilities again to keep up with demand.


LEDdynamics is headquartered in Randolph Vermont. Our employees enjoy the quality of life offered by living in Vermont and working in a challenging environment for a forward thinking company. We seek talented professionals to join our team and be part of a great company whose mission is to revolutionize the LED industry.  For more information about career opportunities, or to apply, visit our LEDdynamics company website.

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