Announcing A009 BuckBlock™ LED driver

August 23, 2011



LUXdrive™ is pleased to announce the full release of the A009 BuckBlock™ LED driver.

This device is a high output, constant current power module ideal for driving all types of high-brightness, high-power LEDs and is available in 1.0Amp, 1.4Amp and 2.1Amp versions. With a small footprint (2.0” x 1.2”) and extremely low profile (only 0.38”), the A009 is the smallest high current LED driver available.

The module operates with DC input voltages between 10 and 32 volts.

In many applications, it can be used with no additional heat sinking. Fully protected against reverse polarity, output short circuit and output open circuit, the A009 is also fully dimmable (0 – 10V) with both analog and PWM compatibility.

The A009 driver provides high efficiency and requires no external current limiting resistors. A fast response current-sensing circuit makes the BuckBlock™ an ideal solution for applications where flashing or strobe operation of LEDs is required.

It can be used in a huge number of LED lighting applications that include solar, landscape, architectural, track, automotive, marine, point of purchase, desk and reading, signal and marker, cabinet and display and much more.

Samples of the A009 BuckBlock™ are available either directly from LUXdrive™ or from our distributors.