BuckToot 7027 – Low-Voltage LED Power Module


Data Sheet

BuckToot 7027

BuckToot 7027 LED driver

BuckToot 7027

The 7027 BuckToot LED Power Module is a true constant – current regulated LED driver. Unlike standard power supplies, which deliver a fixed voltage to the output, the BuckToot LED driver is designed to reliably vary the output voltage as required to deliver a stable constant current to the LED(s). The BuckToot exhibits very high efficiency and does not require external current limiting resistors or additional heat sinking.

The extremely small form-factor of the 7027 BuckToot makes it the ideal choice for many MR-11 and MR-16 integration applications since it can easily be incorporated into the housing assembly. Fully potted and sealed from harsh environments, the BuckToot measures only 10mm diameter x 19mm long and is supplied with 150mm 24AWG colored leads. Custom sizes can be created to meet customer requirements.