LED Controllers

QuadBlock F017

  The QuadBlock™ is a DMX-512 interface for high current LED drivers. It is compatible with all modern DMX-512 control systems, as well as older revisions (ie USITT/ANSI/ESTA DMX512-A). The unit has four channels for attaching LED drivers supplying constant current to LED loads at 2100mA, 1400mA, or 1000mA per channel. The board is meant for use with the BuckBlock from LEDdynamics’ LUXdr ... more »

A019 Low Voltage Dimming Control

The A019 is a 0-10 volt DC low voltage dimming control for use with LED light products such as the LUXdrive 6014 ElaraStrip, the 9008 LuxStrip II, the A006 LuxStrip II, the 3021/3023 BuckPuck LED drivers, and other compatible drivers or light engines with a 0-10V current sinking control. Features logarithmic response and reverse polarity protection. The product comes complete with  knob, mountin ... more »

DimRight 9005 – Acriche Dimming Module

DimRight 9005One of the challenges of using the Seoul Acriche AC LED is dimmer compatibility. Inexpensive triac dimmers are very common and the consumer has an expectation of seeing the Acriche based fixture or lamp being compatible with the common dimmer. Incandescent bulb dimmers use a simple semiconductor circuit to dim these purely resistive loads. A non-linear load like an Acriche creates a behavior wit ... more »

QuadPuck 4016 DMX Driver Interface

QuadPuck 4016The 4016 QuadPuck DMX Driver Interface from LuxDrive offers the ultimate in flexibility and compatibility for controlling LEDs. Up to (4) LuxDrive LED Power Modules* can be individually controlled using a standard USITT DMX/512/1990 controller, providing a simple, low cost solution for powering and controlling LEDs, all in one compact unit. The QuadPuck DMX Driver Interface is available with a nu ... more »