LED Drivers: FlexBlock Buck and Boost Constant Current

MicroPuck 2009A Single LED Driver

MicroPuck single LED driverMicroPuck-2009 The 2009A MicroPuck is a versatile, compact solution for powering (1) High-Power LED from low DC voltages. The 2009A was designed to power (1) High-Power LED, or strings of 5mm (T 1-3/4) LEDs, efficiently and with stability. This LED driver provides maximum illumination to the LED while still mimicking the light drop-off of an incandescent bulb, which dims as the batteries are used ... more »

PowerPuck 2008B LED Driver

PowerPuck LED driverThe 2008 PowerPuck series of LED drivers are a line of true current regulated power supplies for LEDs. Simple and versatile, the 2008 offers a cost effective solution for driving High-Power LED for many applications. The line of 2008 PowerPuck drivers exhibit very high efficiency and require no external current-limiting resistors or additional heat sinking. The 2008 accepts a wide input voltage r ... more »