What is a Luxeon?

A Luxeon™ refers to an LED manufactured by a company called Lumileds. The name ‘Luxeon’ represents a line of Super High-Flux LEDs. The smallest of the line, the Luxeon I, is generally 10 times brighter than typical 5mm (T 1-3/4) LEDs. Available in a range of colors and power outputs, the Luxeon line of LEDs can be used for a wide variety of lighting applications including flashlights, landscape, accent and architectural lighting, signage, automotive, general illumination and many more.

Here are the two most common forms of Luxeon LEDs:
Luxeon Emitter – This LED (or emitter) incorporates a super high-flux die (or wafer) attached to an aluminum base and topped with a primary optic for excellent thermal stability and light emission charcteristics. Shown here with a Lambertian optic (See below), the Luxeon emitter is available as a Luxeon I, Luxeon III, or Luxeon V.
Luxeon Star – This configuration is the most common recognized form of Luxeon, consisting of a Luxeon emitter mounted to an aluminum board for added thermal management. The Luxeon Star is available with a Luxeon I, Luxeon III, or Luxeon V emitter, and with a range of optics.

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